Getting Started with Onshape

How to create an Onshape Account and learn the basics.

Create an Account

Set up your free Onshape Educational account here:

Where to begin?

Go to Follow the instructions to install the MKCad App. This app helps us easily access parts commonly used in FRC Robot assemblies.

A good introductory project is the Skateboard project. Open this Onshape Document, make a copy, and follow the steps to model a skateboard assembly!

Onshape Self-Guided Courses

These courses are recommended. They're located in the CAD Basics Learning Pathway.

  • Introduction to Parametric Feature-Based CAD

  • Introduction to Part Design

  • Introduction to Assembly Design

  • Introduction to 2D Drawings

Next Steps

Ok, so you have completed all four courses in the CAD Basics Learning Pathway. You're ready dive a little deeper...

Continue to practice some of the most important skills by completing these courses, in order:

Those last two are especially useful for designing a robot!

This is a lot, and it will take some time. But if you want to design a robot, you really need to practice all of this!

Next, you'll learn all about the special ways Onshape works so well in the world of FRC. Onward!

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