1. Team members will act in a safe manner AT ALL TIMES. This includes during any team-related activity while traveling to team events, and during competitions.

  2. Team members will be respectful of the Safety Captain(s) and adhere to any reasonable requests made by the Safety Captain(s).

  3. Team members will be expected to attend a safety seminar and pass a Safety Quiz. Power tools or equipment may only be used under the supervision of an adult mentor.

  4. Team members will be expected to wear safety glasses at work sites and in the pit area at all competitions. In addition, team members may be asked to wear gloves, face masks, and ear protection during certain tasks.

  5. Horseplay will not be tolerated at any time.

  6. All work areas will be cleaned up at the end of every day including sweeping the floors and work surfaces, putting away tools and materials, and throwing away trash.

  7. Students will not socialize or linger in the workshop once the designated task(s) are completed.

  8. Team members will not directly or indirectly give out personal information about themselves or other team members while using any form of online/Internet communications or media. This includes all social media (Twitter, Facebook, et al), Pirate Robotics, other FIRST teams or other FIRST-sponsored Forums, wikis or any Internet/Web/mobile device (smartphones, cellphones). As Pirate Robotics members, students’ communications through any media are representative of the team and should not negatively reflect on the team and should at all times reflect the tenets of FIRST and “Gracious Professionalism.”

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