FeatureScripts & MKCad

Why Onshape works well with FRC.


FRC has an active, helpful community of Onshape users. People have created custom features, called FeatureScripts, that are especially useful for designing FRC robots.

onshape4frc.com has a nice guide on the FeatureScripts we'll use.

Check out this thread on ChiefDelphi (it's massive and constantly growing). It's where FRC folks discuss all of their favorite new FeatureScripts.



There's also a common parts library, called MKCad, where you'll find things like motors, gearboxes, wheels, shafts, spacers, and so much more... Basically, all of the common parts used in FRC have already been modeled for you!

Please watch this video to learn how to use the common parts in MKCad and convenient FeatureScripts. (Thanks for the video, Spectrum!)

Follow along so you can practice using these tools!

Also, check out onshape4frc.com. This is a helpful resource with guides on how to use FeatureScripts, MKCad, design calculators, and more.

Now, you're ready to work on your design skills and start creating real FRC robots in Onshape!

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