Fall Workshops


  1. Introduction to our team!

    1. What is FRC? - Slides

    2. Team Handbook Overview - Slides

      Discuss commitment, attendance, grades, lettering requirements, gracious professionalism, teamwork, diversity & inclusion

  2. Overview of an FRC Season - Slides


  1. Workshop Safety, then “Station to Station” - Slides, Day 1 Stations How to use drills, belt sander, band saw, drill press, mitre saw, crimping Anderson PowerPole connectors, "Protopipe" connectors for prototyping, "Make-Do" tools for prototyping with cardboard, 80/20 aluminum extrusions, tool chest organization, components in bins, types of motors

  2. Continue last week's “Station-to-Station” training

  3. Engineering Design Process (JVN) then Prototyping competition 1 (spaghetti bridges)

  4. Prototyping competition 2 (wind turbine)


  1. Prototyping competition 3 (tennis ball launcher)

  2. CAD day 1

  3. CAD day 2

  4. Marketing & Outreach, awards


  1. Electrical & the FRC Control System

  2. Programming day 1

  3. Programming day 2


  1. What to expect at Kickoff, preparation for season, schedule reminder, 90% attendance reminder, check to make sure all forms are signed and returned, Final Forms complete, signed up on firstinspires.org, joined Discord, joined Remind, receiving Mr. Neal's emails.

  2. Mock Kickoff