Fall Workshops

Fall 2021


  1. Introduction to our team!

    1. What is FRC? - Slides

    2. Team Handbook Overview - Slides

      Discuss commitment, attendance, grades, lettering requirements, gracious professionalism, teamwork, diversity & inclusion

  2. Overview of an FRC Season - Slides


  1. Workshop Safety, then “Station to Station” - Slides, Day 1 Stations How to use drills, belt sander, band saw, drill press, miter saw, crimping Anderson PowerPole connectors, "Protopipe" connectors for prototyping, "Make-Do" tools for prototyping with cardboard, 80/20 aluminum extrusions, tool chest organization, components in bins, types of motors

  2. Continue last week's “Station-to-Station” training, including all power tools & equipment - Slides


  1. Engineering Design Process (JVN) then Prototyping competition 1 (Wind Turbine)

  2. Prototyping competition 2 (tennis ball launcher, day 1)

  3. Prototyping competition (tennis ball launcher, day 2)

  4. CAD day


  1. Programming Day

  2. Electrical & the FRC Control System

  3. What to expect at Kickoff, preparation for season, schedule reminder, 90% attendance reminder, check to make sure all forms are signed and returned, Final Forms complete, signed up on firstinspires.org, joined Discord, joined Remind, receiving Mr. Neal's emails.


  1. Mock Kickoff if we have time

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