Frisbee Shooters

Prototyping is an important area of growth. So, our first project in the 2021 Robotics Engineering course was to build a prototype frisbee shooter.

Spectrum Protopipe

We are using Spectrum Protopipe, designed by team 3847 Spectrum. This system uses 3D printed brackets and 1/2" PVC to quickly build and test ideas. It's inexpensive and versatile.

Group 1: Monday/Wednesday


  • Demonstrated proof of concept. It worked!

  • Need to use stronger wheels (higher durometer) because the green wheels were visibly expanding at high speeds. This could lead to delamination and is unsafe.

  • The frisbee only flew about 5-10 feet at these speeds before we became nervous about the wheels becoming unsafe.


  • Used motor brackets that had two supports to make the motors more rigid.

  • Used one blue wheel (moderately stiff) and one black wheel (most stiff).

  • Rigid setup was important.

  • We think the green wheels would be better because they have more grip & make more contact with the frisbee. However, they are unsafe because they expand significantly at high speeds, and risk flying apart. So we decided to use stiff wheels (for safety) and increase compression of the frisbee by moving them closer.


  • Increased compression of frisbee.

  • Experimented with wheel spacing. Wheels should be close together.

  • Rigidity of entire mechanism is very important.

  • All of the above adjustments led to improved results.


Group 2: Tuesday/Thursday

The group decided this layout would not work because the frisbee would not be given any spin. It would just be "chucked" without rotating. In order for the frisbee to fly, it would need to be launched while spinning.


  • Successful launch, proof of concept!

  • Experimented with varying wheel speeds (2nd wheel faster than 1st wheel). More experimentation needed to determine if this is better than having both wheels at full speed.

  • Used 3M high grip tape on the outside of the wheels to try and increase the friction between the wheel and the frisbee.

  • Adjusted compression of the frisbee.

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