Climber Prototype

We are working on a climber that uses a tape measure or fish tape.

Our Progress

  • We are prototyping a small, two-stage telescoping arm.


  • Stages:

    • Base: 1" Poly Pipe

    • Stage 1: 3/4" Poly Pipe

    • Stage 2: 7/16" Dowel Rod

  • 3D Printed End Caps Onshape Link

  • Tape Measure

  • 3D Printed Spool for Tape Measure: Onshape Link


  • After some trial and error with the 3D printed fittings, assembly is starting to come together.


Worked on the tape measure spool, and determined it needed a cover to help make sure the tape was contained and did not unwind too much.

Onshape link to the spool & cover


  • The "proof of concept" is there, but we learned a lot, and would make many changes.

  • Tape measure is flimsy and this method does not reliably extend the tape measure. Extending the tape measure works, but not very well.


Another effective & simple climber:

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