Intake Prototypes

Ideas from Previous Seasons

2016 Intakes

2481 Roboteers: Over-the bumper intake with passive auto-center, raises ball up to shooter:
1690 Orbit Intake uses regular wheels to auto center, cut-out drivetrain. Prototype:
Final Bot:
1241 Theory6 Over-the-bumper intake, no auto-center, delivers to large conveyor system
2363 Triple Helix: Over-the-bumper intake:
971 Mechanum, cutout drivetrain:
Floppy over-the-bumper intake:

2019 Intakes

Mecanum Intake with Omni wheels in center:
Roller Intake into Wheels that hold ball on its sides:
Compliant Wheels grab ball on top and bottom:
Omni Wheels on sides, Compliant Wheels in Center, structure auto centers ball: